Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

August Changes to the Beta

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during August.
Current Version: Moments Market Beta 1.3

Few code changes regarding locked balances (Full task cost locked till complete )

Updated Moments Market mail server so hopefully German email users get emails ( Unconfirmed they work currently ) so email address like and can be used unless they still bounce our emails and they will be restricted again

+ Deposits are now automatically credited to your balance after a set amount of confirmations
+ Some code changes to the site

+ Added list of Movers invited to a task on the Task Applicants page, will show you the status if seen or not and will be removed if Mover deletes it ( Requested ) WIP
+ Changed the invitation page to show just Delete button ( Must Delete to clear notification ) Click Task title to visit task.
+ Added new option in edit profile which allows you to turn off the ability for Makers to invite you to there tasks. ( Default Enabled )

+ Added Referral banners in Refer a Friend section

Moments Market is currently a beta website and changes or services can be disabled without notice