Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

September changes to the Beta

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during September.
Current Version: Moments Market Beta 1.3

Added Account balance USD value on account dashboard

+ Coin Listing now open via application (fee applies). Know of any coin that would want to be listed now you can direct them to Moments Market

+ Added StrongHands Faucet and Wallet
+ Added Hawaii Coin Faucet and Wallet
Want to see your coin listed, complete our simple application ( fee applies )

+ Added ability to edit a task before it's reviewed by admin staff
+ Added the ability to close a task before it's reviewed
+ Reorganised My Tasks page into groups dependent on task status

+ Added ability for Maker to update task comment to Mover on tasks marked Not Complete to give Mover more information if subsequent attempts fail (Requested Feature @InvestyGator )

+ Added password requirement to update profile details