Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

July 2021 Changes to Moments Market

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during July 2021.

Current Version: Moments Market Beta 2.0


[Design & Usability]
Moments Market redesign and responsiveness updates
New Menu and Balance views from dashboard
Stay signed in longer (Select Remember Me)
Bootstrap Update
Images updated throughout the site
Removed Irrelevant data (i.e Faucet Claims & Faucet Withdrawals) as it's no longer a feature
Messaging and notifications (including support and reporting) has had an overhaul and you will know when things happen within your account (Beta)
Reporting Tasks and Users has also been overhauled, you select a reason and enter reasons for your report, you will also receive a response from support regarding the report (*Abuse and not following the reporting rules could lead to you being banned*)

[Tasks Feature]
List a task in different currencies, currently we support - MMT (Moments), SCC (StakeCube Coin), DOGE (DogeCoin)
Fees are paid using the currency you list in. Fee amount paid is based on the price of the coin/token.
Listing Fee cost has been changed to a realistic amount along with additional listing features e.g Featured.
Tasks now expire after a set time (Currently 30 Days from task review date)
All current tasks have been given a grace period before they expire.

**[Hire Feature]**
Same as Tasks Feature

[Market Games]
New games using Market Points + Premium Game (More will be added over time) 1 Free account Slot and 1 Premium
Earn points from successful task applications
Market Points have no value, just for fun.

[Premium Accounts]
Premium is now a monthly fee and will expire after 30 Days from purchase (Non Re-Occurring Fee you must purchase again once expired)
All current premium members have a grace period before it expires.

[Market Wallets]
Wallets can be added via the wallets page and you can generate an address inside the wallet if you plan on depositing a currency, You can add additional wallets by using the Add Wallet link, can only add if the currency is active.
Account Balance &Available Balance shown on wallets page as well as wallet address if you have one.
There are minimum deposit and withdraw limits in place for all currencies.

Claim rewards as before not much changed

There are so many changes i am sure i have missed some but i am sure you will find them, also if you find something wrong with the site please let us know there might be bugs
The site will be V2 Beta for a while until we are happy the site is functioning as we intended, once happy we will remove the Beta tag.

We are currently developing the Market Place(P2P) very close to finishing which you will be able to sell items to each other by the means of Digital items, Services or real world items (Can't sell your cat sorry).
We have other things on the horizon too we will announce as we get closer.

[Update 08/07/2021]
Dark Mode - Selected in user account below Logout on the menu, Dark mode is beta and being tweaked it also may be changed, updated at any time (Dark Mode active only while logged in)
Switch to Light Mode if in Dark mode via the same method.

You can now edit your tasks as long as they are active, editing a task does not make your current task inactive it will continue to be shown while edits are pending.

{Task Editable Data}
Description - Leave empty to keep current displayed description.
Enable KYC if something changes on the target website.
Select Premium Movers Only.
Enable Featured (Fee applies).
Change Available Task Seats (How many movers can complete)
Task Daily Limit (How many Movers can complete this per day)
User Daily Limit (How many times a mover can complete the task) 1 = Not repeatable, Higher than 1 = Repeatable
Price per Task Seat (How much your paying per Mover application) Entered value must be same or higher than original task submission while being higher than the minimum amount.

{Task Non Editable Data}
Task Title CANNOT be edited.
Task Website CANNOT be edited.
Listed Currency CANNOT be edited

Task editing incurs a fee and displayed before you confirm the edits.

Development now continues - Market Place (P2P)