Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

November Changes to the Beta

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during November.
Current Version: Moments Market Beta 1.4

+ Updated messages system and Notifications within your account ( old messages may not have alerts but new messages will work )
Notifications will show as normal if you have a message and also the message will have one also to show which message has a reply. ( See Images below )
+ Message page will auto update if new replies are received on that message while viewing.
+ Added Site changelog to the footer menu so you can see all changes made.

+ Message line notification ( Colour coded depending on incoming / outgoing )(edited)
User menu notification(edited)
Top level notification

+ Login using your email address or your username  ( Feature Request )

Moments Market Beta 1.4 ( Hire )

We have released our Hire Listing feature below are some of the details.
+Create Hire Listing for bigger projects you may want completing like a new website logo or a new Site design.
+ Receive bids on your hire listing and choose the best one for your needs.
+ Chat with the selected bidder and organise what you require in more detail with the winning bidder.
+ Pay the Bidder once work is complete and you are happy with the work.
+ Rate and leave feedback on the bidder which is shown on there profile.
- Removed Offers due to lack of use.
+ Some site tweaks and changes

This feature is Beta and there maybe bugs and issues, please report them to a member of the team or support ticket