Important Information

Moments Market has ceased to function as of 1st March 2024 as per announcments made in Discord and Telegram. We request that all registered members withdraw all withdrawable funds before 31st August 2024 as it will become harder to collect your funds as all currency servers will be closed down perminenetly and you must then request them via discord support ticket and there will be a delay.

The reason for closure is activity vs costs and the costs outway the activity and we have kept the site and servers running for quite some time and now it's time to close our doors for a different path for MMT. Please visit out Discord server to learn more or create a support ticket here.

Moments Market Features

  • Create & Complete Tasks
  • Hire Members for Bigger Projects
  • Multi Currency Support
  • User Activity Rewards
  • Send Bonus coins to users
  • 0 MMT Signup Bonus
  • 0 MMT Referral Bonuses
  • Premium Accounts
  • Listed Currencies
    MMT, SCC
  • Swap currency for other listed coins / tokens
  • Account Bonuses with NFT's

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