Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

August 2021 Changes to Moments Market

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during August 2021.

Current Version: Moments Market Beta 2.0

+ New notification sound when you login and you have any notifications, i.e Pending task submission (Will sound once a day so not to be annoying)
+ You will need to accept the Moments Market Terms on login, this is done to ensure you agree to them and read them (we all know they are boring but...) to continue using the site, declining will log you out.
+ You can now relist an old closed task (Fee applies) your task will be extended for 14 Days from the day you extend if your old expiry date is below 14 Days.
+ Few cosmetic changes have been made for the upcoming feature update, this update will be coming very soon and the Moments Market Version will move from **V2.0 Beta to V2.1 Beta **when it's released.