Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

Moments Market New Feature - Market Place(P2P)

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during September 2021.

Current Version: Moments Market Beta 2.1

[10th September 2021]

Market Place(P2P) Release allows members to buy and sell real world items using all listed currencies on the site, you can sell services, products, gift cards etc, below are some of the changes made along with the Market Place(P2P)

+ Market Place(P2P) Released (Site Version Bumped to 2.1Beta)
+ Store Fronts will be released shortly after this release based on activity (More details to follow)
Bitcoin added as a currency for Tasks, Hire, Market.
+ Some changes to user menu based on feedback (Wallet Menu item moved below balances).
Minor site tweaks across a lot of areas.
Added cookie notice to footer.

Members must agree to the Additional Market Place(P2P) Terms of use, this is required to use Moments Market, you must also provide real address details to purchase and list items otherwise you can't receive the items you buy.

More changes will be done to the Market Place(P2P) over the coming weeks to ensure there are no problems and also make it as user friendly as possible.

No further features will be released until we are happy with the current features within Moments Market and the activity within those features.
Remember to stay logged into Moments Market longer you MUST select remember me box on login otherwise you will be logged out after being inactive.

[11th September 2021]

Added at a glance fees structure for creating Tasks, Hire and Market Place(P2P) listings.

[24th September 2021]

+ Added new account confirmation email if you login and the system does not recognise you, also locks the account until you confirm via the email sent to your registered email address.
Remember you can also enable 2FA for added security.