Moments Market Changelog

Recent Site Changes

November 2021 Changes to the Beta

Below is a snapshot of the changes made to the site during November 2021.

Current Version: Moments Market Beta 2.1


[02/11/2021] Requested Feature Addition (Beta may contain bugs maybe.....)
+ You can now hide tasks you don't want to see by clicking the crossed  on the tasks listing page.
+ You can also restore all hidden tasks if you wish to view them again by clicking the green eye near the title, this may be tweaked in the late future to select which to re show but currently shows all hidden.

[06/11/2021] Task Apply Tweak
+ Task Application Form has been updated to allow you to enter a website link for proof in it's own input field
+ Task Creation now has a select box if your task requires a website link as proof, not selecting this if you require a website link will mean your task gets declined

[18/11/2021 ] Menu Tweaks
Reorganised User Menu and extended some of the menu item names to be a bit more clearer.
* Transactions > Account Transactions [Now located in All Balances dropdown]
* Refer a Friend now located top of account section of menu
* Guides > Moments Market Guides [Now located below Refer a Friend]
* Settings > Account Settings [Located above Logout]

 ** Making room for extra menu items in the next update and i don't like too much menu scrolling :)