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Task Listed: October 28, 2021
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Sign up to Reklaim and use my referral link for 100 bonus points.

App description:
The power to control your digital identity is here. We are the first consumer-focused data company that empowers YOU to take control and manage your online identity. Your identity is complex; it consists of a collection of elements, or data, that all uniquely point back to how you identify yourself, how you are represented, and how you transact with the world around you. The Reklaim app offers you access to your data, the ability to control who monetizes it, and a fair share of the profits. Tech giants have been passing around your data and making millions off it. Now, YOU have the power to decide who monetizes your information, if anyone, and you get a piece of it, too. There are many ways to earn: Refer-a-friend, or by just shopping, browsing, or sharing your device and profile. Features include being able to find your data that’s being transacted in the data market using your email and phon

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